Art Haynie, Stunt Driver, Precision Driver



Art was formerly best known for his 20+ years experience on film sets as a commercial & television director and producer... all he wants to do is drive.

His second career now,  and his favorite, is his love of performance driving and racing.

Haynie, was raised as an illustrator, turned designer, art director, writer, creative director, executive creative director, agency owner, and then left it all for free donuts and a life pretending he was cooler than he really was – as a director.   

Art has directed everything from record setting Super Bowl Commercials pioneering 360 and VR filming, to being a staff director on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.  But it was on the set of that Super Bowl Commercial where he worked closely with racing star Danica Patrick. The two struck up a friendship,  and Danica would invite Art to hang out with her and the engineers at her races, and being a self admitted science geek, Art was captivated by the technology and the scientific principles or racing - not to mention the cars, smells, sounds...oh and the speed.  So he started asking a lot of questions, including - teaching him to drive.  He was hooked.

Since then Art has won awards, received national certifications, and keeps trying to get his hands on anything that burns energy of one kind or another.

He has flown planes, helicopters, driven a train, an ambulance, boats, and was even a consultant for two different electric superbike companies - one which he took to managing the race team, racing around the world with an un-defeated season including wins at Le Mans, Laguna Seca, and 2 World Land Speed Records.  But his biggest coup was engineering a run at the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, where Art lured the previous two time consecutive motorcycle champion away from Ducati, and with his help, won the over-all motorcycle championship, making world history as the first electric motorcycle to compete head to head against standard combustion engine competitors and win, and generating headlines around the globe.  

Art has also become a high performance driving and racing instructor, even working for a time for the legendary Porsche Factory. Now he drives for film and production too.

He'll drive any car on camera, or any camera car behind the camera.  Just call him and ask - you'll see.


Art Haynie, Stunt Driver, Precision Driver